Halloween Mystery Assortment

Halloween Mystery Assortment

  • $32.00

Synthetic Leather Fabric is printed embroiderable fabric to be used in your embroidery machines. This fabric is used to create:

  • bags
  • snap tabs
  • purses
  • appliqué
  • ITH projects
  • hair bows
  • leather earrings

Synthetic Leather Fabric can be washed - for longevity we recommend hand washing and hang dry. Do not use chemicals on this fabric. 

Other names: Synthetic Leather, Embroidery Vinyl, Faux Leather

This can be cut in cameos, cricut and scan'n'cut machines and used with embroidery and sewing applications.

This is an assortment of 20 different vinyls.  Each pack will consist of the same 20 vinyls.  These are Halloween themed with some coordinating solids and glitter vinyls.  

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